We offer a wide range of lighting combinations, both with LED and traditional technology, as well as LED strips, spotlights and suspended ceilings.


Along with the skirting boards, corners define the actual car profile. Here is where attention to detail really comes into its own.


Simple and discreet elements, with round or rectangular section, available in various finishes.

Bumper rails

These elements combine functionality and aesthetics. They protect the car and complement its décor in a subdued and elegant way.


Our wide range of floors offers the optimum solution for every requirement. Available materials: linoleum, elastomeric mat, steel and aluminium, rocksolid and natural stone.


Basic material, both practical and clean. Thanks to its various finishes, this pre-coated plate recalls the effect of more sophisticated materials. Tekno SMS only uses skinplates manufactured by worldwide leading Italian companies, thus always ensuring premium quality.

Stainless steel (AISI-304)

This special stainless-steel alloy is the perfect combination of beauty, resistance and high quality.

Plastic laminate

We offer a wide range of laminates, with wood effect or coloured look, in order to suit every need.

Natural wood

EXCLUSIVE finishing, contemporary or classic, characterised by veined or tactile effects: this material can offer unexpected aesthetic cues to define the style of the whole environment.


The designers appreciate the wide range of colours and textures available, which offers the opportunity to reproduce the aesthetics of the rarest leathers, as well as to choose the same textures for all furnishing elements.

RAL Paint

Powered pains applied electrostatically to metal parts and then baked in the oven, in order to harden them and obtain a protective and extremely resistant film. The complete absence of volatile organic compounds significantly reduces solvent emissions into air, thus contributing to environmental protection as well as safety in the workplace, where no flammable materials are stored.