The mechanical components represent the bearing structure of the car and allow for its movement within the shaft.

Easy, user-friendly, and safe! These are the essential requirements of all our mechanical components. The after-sales phase ensures a direct contact between the installer and our technical office, in order to offer continuous support during the installation of all components.

Our range of mechanical parts is constantly evolving. We fulfil the most diverse requirements, both in new and in existing constructions, also with reduced pit / headroom solutions.

1. Electric lifts with geared or gearless systems:

1.1 Standard lift, car frame design “Ring-Shape”, max. loading capacity 1000 kg (1:1) / 3000 kg (2:1)

1.2 MRL with lateral cantilever car frame, max. loading capacity 630 kg (1:1) / 1000 kg (2:1)

1.3 MRL, car frame design “Ring-Shape” max. loading capacity 3000 kg (2:1)

1.4 MRL of the “Bridge” type, two opposite entrances, to be installed in stairwells of existing constructions

2. Hydraulic plants:

2.1 with lateral cantilever car frame and single piston max. loading capacity 2500 kg (2:1) / 3000 kg (1:1)

2.2 with car frame design “Ring-Shape” and lateral double piston, max. loading capacity 7500 kg (2:1) / 10000 kg (1:1)

2.3 with car frame design “Ring-Shape” and direct central single piston, max. loading capacity 10000 kg (1:1)

3. Hydraulic lifting platforms, according to the Machine Directive, max. speed 0,15 m/s:

3.1 dead man’s switch, car without doors, max. loading capacity 500 kg

3.2 automatic, car with doors, max. loading capacity 650 kg

The above mentioned systems are manufactured and delivered as standardized solutions.

For customized as well as tailor-made projects our technical sales office is always at your service.